4th Annual

Pea Soup Days Soap Box Derby Race Rules 2017

June 10th 5:00 to 6:00 PM

Frances St hill in Somerset
(near the carnival grounds)

All Scouting cars run free

Non scouting cars$ 10.00 entry

$5.00 fee per race run to race another person’s car, bring your own helmet

Please Register by June 4th at popephone@gmail.com or by calling Chris Pope at 612-460-7673

2017 Cars rules:

Can be built from any materials: plastic, Metal, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, as long as it is safe and strong enough for several runs down the course.Padding must protect driver from sharp edges in event of a collision or accident.
Car is NOT to exceed 80”.
Car is NOT to exceed 200# with driver, 300# with adult driver.
MUST have at least 3 wheels, NO more than 6 wheels are allowed.
MAX wheel Size 20” (any style).
All cars Must HAVE A BRAKING SYSTEM drag brakes must able to stop the car with a distance of 20’, other wheel brakes MUST be able to brake and lock at least 2 wheels.
Brake pedals or brake handles MUST be bolted (not screwed) through the floor board or base where it is mounted, NO exceptions.
MUST have driver containment on both sides. By the drivers torso to restrict road contact while in motion.
Steering MUST be of strong construction and in positive working condition. Foot operation ok.
NO rope only steering. Cables or tie rod and pin link system preffered.
Driver seat MUST protect drivers back from a collision (firm padded back rest over half way up to drivers shoulders).
Car MUST have recover means (hook with rope or push bar) to pull it back up the hill because what goes down must go back up.
Must past tech inspection before allowed to race.
Race officials have final ruling on anything race related.
Cars can be purchased from 3rd party race ready.
Minor Drivers must wear helmets. Adult are optional but highly recommended.
Most important, have fun building and racing. Prizes to the top 3 racers.