2017 Medallion Hunt


Starting on May 17th we will begin posting clues, both here and on our facebook and twitter pages as well. Each clue will be released at 9AM each Wednesday leading up to Pea Soup Days. Please see the rules below, and most importantly all participants will need a Pea Soup Day’s button which can be purchased for only $2.00 each! Just contact us at the link above to get information on where you can find them! Once again this year, by purchasing a Pea Soup Day’s button for $2.00 you will be entered in for a chance at winning $100 cash! Drawings will be held during the 1st intermission of the bands both Friday and Saturday nights. Must be present to win, location of the drawing will be at the festival grounds under the music tent.

See the clues below.

Buttons can be found at the following businesses:

First National
Super America
David Bracht Real Estate
Perfect Reflections
Somerset Chiropractor

2017 Rules

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Clue # 4

Clue #4

Ok, are you ready

For the best of all clues?

If you’ve been searching by a church,

Lace up your walking shoes.

The medallion is hidden

In a very unique place,

Where the town and the village

Share the same space.

You will likely enjoy your visit,

But please do take care.

Much work has been done

To preserve all that’s there.

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Clue # 3

Clue #3

So, let’s try to help you

Narrow the field.

We can tell you that nearby

Many people have kneeled.

Visitors and townsfolk

Have all gathered there,

Some go to work,

While others just stare.

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Clue # 2

Clue #2

In years past, it’s been found

Near the river and in a park.

This year, it’s hidden

Where it’s not totally dark.

As always, we recommend no

Climbing or diving.

And, by all means please…

Don’t search while you’re driving!

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Clue # 1

Clue #1

The 2017 Pea Soup Days Medallion

Could be yours for the taking!

If you’re up for the challenge,

It’s history you’ll be making!

So, gather your friends and

Open up the Google;

If you win this contest,

You could stop being frugal!

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